18/01/2018 - Desert Pipe

English speaking opened PvP games on Iron Front ArmA 3 Lite version
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18/01/2018 - Desert Pipe

Post by El Tyranos » Wed 17 Jan 2018 19:43

Due to a lot of work on IFA3 to released Second Wave update and for my personnal life, parts of the briefing are missing and will be added early this evening.

Thank you for your understanding.


Missions : 2 x 1 hour
Briefing time : 12 minutes
Maximum players : 108
1st mission start : 9PM CET
Test server will run at least 48 hours prior the game.

> Beginner guide
> WW2 Open Games general information

Registration :
WW2 Open Games are opened to anyone, you can make new friends with us so feel free to register. If you come as a community, please fill the squads and spread as less as possible. Thank you.

Teams composition :
UK versus Afrika Korps

Teams not to be announced...

Missions :
Not to be announced...

But it will be fun, you know it :mrgreen:

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Re: 18/01/2018 - Desert Pipe

Post by Groodiz » Thu 18 Jan 2018 17:36

Absent. :panda:

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