28/10/17 PVP 180 RHS

Vous êtes tous invités, merci de vous inscrire en répondant au topic dédié à la prochaine mission.
Pour votre première fois, merci de lire de post-it.
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28/10/17 PVP 180 RHS

Post by Fox » Mon 9 Oct 2017 10:33

Hello guys,
i want to introduce a Big TvT Event on the 28.10.17 at 1900 CET. I dont belong to any community: It is organized by Special Operation Event: (SOB): http://www.sob-event.de/index.php/2017/ ... 28-10-2017

General Details
- It runs stable since a year with over 150 people.
- One Life - No Respawn
- no clear time limit: past events went to 22:00 or even 24:00
- clear command structure
- Deathline for assigment is 21.10 here:
http://www.sob-event.de/index.php/2017/ ... 28-10-2017

Mission details:
- USA vs RUS on Altis
- 1 primary Obj for both sides to conquer
- example last mission:
https://www.mediafire.com/file/e6br3r6a ... .Altis.pbo

Unit Details:
- Infantry and Mechainized Platoon on each side
- Inf Platoon: 3 groups with 11 men each
- US-Mech-Platoon: 3 x 9 men on M2 Bradley and 1 x 11 men on M1232 (M2)
- RUS-Mech-Platoon: 3 x 10 men on BMP-3 and 1 x 11 men on BTR-80
- you can apply for 1 group but bring your own english speaking squadleader
- all details here:

El Tyranos
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Re: 28/10/17 PVP 180 RHS

Post by El Tyranos » Mon 9 Oct 2017 15:28

Hello Fox and thank you for the invite. This looks interesting for sure. We are going to start an internal registration topic and I will come back to you ASAP to book some slots.

I guess you can count us in here :thumbsup:

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