Summer 2018, let's resume WW2OG

English speaking opened PvP games on Iron Front ArmA 3 Lite version
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Summer 2018, let's resume WW2OG

Post by El Tyranos » Tue 3 Jul 2018 12:21

Hello fellow WW2 in ArmA3 players !

It has been a long time since the last game, indeed I was busy preparing and taking a competitive exam IRL. Now that this obstacle is behind me, I finally have enough time to deal with WW2 Open Games again. I count on you to help me promoting the events in ArmA 3 community so we can fill in the games !

What is new ?
  • Finally you can now synchronise to the repository using Steam Workshop directly ! No, you don't need anything else, but you can still use A3Sync if you wish. Workhop collection : ... 1430092987
  • A big change is the removal of CUP_Maps and Faces of War. This change allow us to save 7.22GB download. This change should allow more players to join us, not just usual WW2 addicts. This change means that until IFA3 Team is done with british faction, we will not fight as british (nor in the pacific) for a little while, but I plan to work on alternatives.
  • Another change is that we're now using ACRE2 Stable version so you are less likely to have regular issues with updating ACRE.
  • On the community side, our discord ( now has a "WW2 Open Games" dedicated section where you can register for next game without creating a forum accout, post suggestion, game reports, etc. You can also ask for a WW2OG tag to be mentionned in case of important news, game announcements, etc.
When will it resume ?
  • All upcoming games are announced in the sticky post, first game will be on july 13th. As always, please wait for the topic to be created to register
Thanks for reading and feel free to post any suggestions.

El Tyranos, out.

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