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Repository changelog

Post by El Tyranos » Wed 28 Jun 2017 00:59

Latest post of the previous page:

Size : ~ 3.5mb
Updated repositories : All

~ CBA 3.4.0
This version improves the keybinding system and adds support for multiple keybinds per action as well as the ability to bind mouse buttons. The debug console can be expanded to watch expressions and variables on any connected machine. There is now the possibility to name groups in the lobby.
Your old keybindings will not carry over to this new version, because of the changed save format. You will have to rebind all addon keybindings. ... 4.0.170627

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Repository changelog

Post by El Tyranos » Mon 3 Jul 2017 10:12

Size : ~ 70mb
Updated repositories : All

~ Bloodlust
Abandon du mod lite pour le mod complet (optimisé depuis plusieurs versions pour le MP).

+ Betekov
Mainbuild v4 - Donbass campain

+ ILBE Assault Pack (ACRE)
Mainbuild v4

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Re: Repository changelog

Post by El Tyranos » Fri 7 Jul 2017 14:42

Size : ~ 5gb
Updated repositories : WW2 Open Games

~ Iron Front v22
Added: New M1 Garand given by MajorBoggie!
Removed: AWAR M1 Garand.
Added: DeLisle Carbine from I44 reworked by Xeno.
Added: M2 Flamethrower from I44.
Added: I44 Flamethrower effects by Homer Johnston!

Added: Winter and Desert GMC353 by GSTAVO!
Added: SU-85 gunner's 3D cupola.

Changed: deployStaticLine and cargoJump functions have AI support now.
Added: Object placement functions (V0.1).
Improved: Garand Ping location now correctly played in 3D.
Fixed: Interior Light in MP.
Fixed: Removed crouching on completion of weapon assembly.
Fixed: ReloadedEH now works on civilian/arsenal units (Resolves issue with PPsH/Thompson drum mag model swapping).

Fixed: DT and DP MGs had no recoil.
Fixed: M4A3 Sherman with fording tubes can now survive in deep waters.
Fixed: panzerschreck backpacks for Luftwaffe troops were missing.
Fixed: increased german AT bag's maximumLoad.

Added: US airborne gloves as NVG object.
Added: Winter Zis-5V trucks by GSTAVO.
Added: Winter GMC353 specialized trucks by GSTAVO.
Added: I44 tanks bushes textures.
Added: Gaz M1 HUD images thanks to zhaleks!
Improved: flamethrower tanks to real mass value.
Improved: flares magazines now have a proper model.
Improved: static M1919 animation.
Improved: M1A1 Mine geometry LOD properties.
Improved: I44 pac textures converted to paa.
Changed: M1 Garand clip particle to use the new model.
Changed: hide flamethrower feeding tube until better animation.
Changed: removed flamethrower recoil.
Changed: k98 clip hidden to non-users.
Fixed: Colt 1911 ejected 2 shells.
Fixed: correct uniforms for sniper and AT soldier in 2nd Rangers faction.
Fixed: destroyed vehicles glasses turned orange.
Fixed: faulty magazine in equipment of units for M1908 pistol.
Fixed: Faulty sections in certain LODs of vehicle models.
Fixed: GMC Trucks hiddenSelections.
Fixed: I44 german vehicles textures moved to naming standards.
Fixed: it was not possible to lower M3 Scout hatches.
Fixed: Kubelwagen wheels were not touching the ground (T874).
Fixed: landed parachute model was not showing under certain angles.
Fixed: LIB_FW190F8 shadow LOD glitch.
Fixed: LIB_FW190F8 wheels rotation direction.
Fixed: LODs not ordered by face count - characters clothing.
Fixed: LODs not ordered by face count - misc weapons.
Fixed: LODs not ordered by face count - tank proxies.
Fixed: LODs not ordered by face count - truck proxies.
Fixed: M1928 Thomspon anims were broken.
Fixed: Missing spade on 101st helmet (T1289).
Fixed: missing winter texture for PzIVH LOD 6.
Fixed: Mosing-Nagant rifle typo in name.
Fixed: P-47 instruments animations.
Fixed: P-47 instruments were glowing green.
Fixed: P-47 wreck not showing up when plane is destroyed.
Fixed: Pak40 wheels animations.
Fixed: Panzer IVH last LOD texture was faulty.
Fixed: planes not hiding when up to rev.
Fixed: Russian medals visual glitch on some uniforms.
Fixed: texture naming standard (GMC353.paa to CMGC353_co.paa).
Removed: duplicated LODs from Vrtule proxies.

Added: CUP A2 Plants2 with Winter reskins by Raunhofer and KuiK!
Added: snow objects (A2 winter reskins) by Jones!
Added: editor configuration for A2 objects Winter reskins by Jones.
Added: Foxhole ghost models (only VIEW LODs).
Improved: reviewed IF hedgerows.
Improved: I44 vegetation penetration.
Improved: I44 pines don't look greenish anymore.
Improved: I44 Hedges penetration (T911).
Improved: IF Hedges penetration (T911).
Improved: I44 church reflections.
Improved: standarized vehicle class displayname.
Improved: IF vegetation shadows parameters to A3 Standard (shadow=hybrid ; sbsource=explicite ; prefershadowvolume=0).
Improved: I44 church to use sbsource=visualex.
Improved: WW2_Gryada Geometry components.
Improved: WW2_Gryada roadway texture was missing.
Improved: WW2_Wall_StoneD Geometry components.
Improved: WW2_Wall_StoneD roadway texture was missing on some faces.
Fixed: Trees distant LODs were broken.
Fixed: 7 bulletproof bushes.
Fixed: Moooar bulletproof bushes.
Fixed: missing rear faces on poplar2f_dead tree.
Fixed: wooden fence problem with transparency (T1052).
Fixed: WW2_Admin roadway was offset.
Fixed: WW2_B_hedgerows.p3d had no resolution LODs.
Fixed: WW2_T_larix3f.p3d missing normals.
Fixed: WW2_p_phragmites_XXX.p3d: No geometry and no visual shape.
Fixed: wrong building position on spawn.
Fixed: Vegetation - None face in componentDD in MODEL:geometry/geometryFire/geometryView.
Fixed: fireGeometry incorrectly made on I44_Dest_Factory_Sniperjobsmall.p3d.
Fixed: trenches shadows issue (converted to visualex sbsource).
Fixed: added missing WW2_Gryada fire geometry LOD.
Fixed: added missing WW2_Gryada view geometry LOD.
Fixed: added missing WW2_Wall_Stone fire geometry LOD.
Fixed: added missing WW2_Wall_StoneD fire geometry LOD.
Fixed: added missing WW2_Wall_StoneD view geometry LOD.
Fixed: Corner House 3 glitched door animation.
Fixed: Corner House 3 had no shadow.
Fixed: removed WWW2_C_france_greenweat.p3d empty LOD.
Fixed: LODs not ordered by face count - vegetation.

Changed: reverted IF terrains to old state (sunken buildings and missing roads in Omaha, ground textures issues in IF terrains).
Changed: IF terrains use standard soundscape from A3 for now (removed CfgEnvSpatialSounds in LIBWorld as its inherited from DefaultWorld and disabled custom environment sounds for IF terrain).
Updated: soundSetEnvironment definition from Tanoa to DefaultWorld and disabled Greek Crickets in IF terrains.
Updated: path to I44 misc objects in Sark.
Updated: path to Jones's snow objects in Ardennes.

Added: I44 markers.
Added: faction markers (RKKA, Wehrmacht, US Army).
Added: more infantry groups.
Changed: deprecated mines weapons are now hidden.
Fixed: mines had the wrong model assigned, breaking mission when placed via EDEN (T1114).

Added: more infantry groups.

Changed: disabled obsolete script calls to IF_System_Mines_f.
Changed: civilian Zis-5V trucks inheritance.
Changed: location of misc objects data.
Fixed: removed obsolete cfgPatches classes.
Fixed: removed obsolete cfgPatches class and added to backwards compatibility.

Tech details
Changed: execution to spawn for light color change.
Fixed: addPublicVariableEventHandler definition does not work in preInit for clients.
Fixed: initial light color needs to sent to all clients.
Fixed: obsolete script calls for mines.
Improved: ZEUS - Remote Control compability added to Object placement.
Improved: Abort Buildmode when changing unit (Zeus-RemoteControl).
Optimized: PlaceItem Keyhandler using ActionKey for "ESC".
Removed: obsolete LIB_Backblast_Effect_LIB_M1A1_Bazooka preloading.

I44 Data :
Changed: I44 terrains use standard soundscape from A3 for now (removed CfgEnvSpatialSounds in I44World as its inherited from DefaultWorld).
Updated: soundSetEnvironment definition from Tanoa to DefaultWorld and disabled Greek Crickets in I44 terrains.
Changed: disabled Birds environment sounds for I44 Winter terrains.
Improved: I44 Omaha and Neaville ground textures are now using parallax technology.
Updated: unified world names of I44 terrains.
Updated: replaced foxhole model in I44 Merderet Winter.

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Re: Repository changelog

Post by El Tyranos » Wed 19 Jul 2017 12:37

Size : ~ 160mb
Updated repositories : All

~ Iron Front v22.1
Fixed: missing showcase missions.
Fixed: missing I44 kostel2 textures.
Fixed: removed obsolete cfgPatches classes and move them to backwards compatibility.
Changed: unified parameter order in static line functions.

~ ACE 3.10.2
Chinese Traditional and Chinese Simplified translations - 香蕉 (#5295)
Japanese translations (#5277, #5280, #5309)
Hellfire N (November - Thermobaric) variant (#5294)
New latitude entry for the map G.O.S N'Djenahoud (#5275)
Refuel support for Tanoa and Malden Fuel Pumps (#5353)

Taru pods are no longer super-light and can not be dragged or loaded (#5271)
Increased Huron pods interaction range for less arm pain (#5271)
"Join Group" action to show group name (#5287)
Huron pods now have cargo space to match against the Taru counterparts (#5315)
Fuel Canister is now automatically a Refuel object (#5353)

Made Cargo holders dynamic to support Cargo on any object (#5274)
Interaction support for Hellfires, now checks for config value instead of weapon class name (#5294)

Refuel nozzle position calculation to support lower vehicles better (#5279)
Repair depends = "0" config entry is now handled correctly (#5283)
RHS compatibility config name for resupply vehicles (#5300)
Cargo canLoad set to scalar, for backwards compatibility with some 3rd party mods (#5306)
Repairing from Huron and Taru pods (#5316)
Spotting scope "GetIn" position no longer requires you to face the scope from the front (#5325)
Cook-off sound effects variants no longer different on different clients (#5335)
Broken font for map GPS display (#5337)
"Open Door" interaction now respects locked doors properly (#5345)
Rally-points will no longer modify canMove variable on spawn allowing actual disabling of moving them (#5347)
Rearm locality, because multiplayer matters (#5307)
One can no longer steal your refuel nozzle and render you incapable of running (#5352)
Vanilla throwing will no longer be used when trying to use Advanced Throwing during reloading (#5336)

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Re: Repository changelog

Post by El Tyranos » Thu 20 Jul 2017 19:24

Size : ~ 5.69mb
Updated repositories : WW2

Static line was not working anymore so it's now fixed right in time for market garden :mrgreen:

~ Iron Front v22.2
Added: louder M1 Garand Ping sound variant for optics views and third person view.
Improved: increased volumne of M1 Garand Ping sound for optics views and third person view.
Fixed: missing variable renaming for static line eject script.
Improved: static line coding further to work also with AI.
Added: Jeep Scout Squad in Motorised group for US.
Added: Created Light tank group with M3A3 Stuart Platoon and M8 Greyhound Patrol.
Added: M4A3 76 Tank Platoon in Medium Tanks.
Fixed: group setup for US Airborne.
Fixed: missing faction tag in group name.
Fixed: Missing closing bracket in cfgGroups.
Fixed: GAZ M1 engine position in Extended HUD thanks to zhaleks.

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Re: Repository changelog

Post by El Tyranos » Fri 15 Sep 2017 18:09

Size : ~ 100mb
Updated repositories : All

~ ACRE2 v967
- [New] Japanese translations
- [New] Radio presets to AN/PRC-77.
- [Fix] Coordinate system for antenna calculation.
- [Fix] Broken font for AN/PRC-148 display.
- [Fix] `acre_api_fnc_isInitialized` when unit is `null`.
- [Fix] Radios being Mine Detectors (use CBA Misc Item).
- [Fix] Spectator reconnect staying on spectator list.

~ CBA_A3 v3.4.1.170912
This update adds the CBA_MiscItem base class that can be used for generic items that should appear as generic items in the Virtual Arsenal. It furthermore contains adjustments for various changes in the 1.76 update, Chinese translations and bug fixes.

ADDED: Chinese localization (#727) GodofMonkeys
ADDED: A warning if the default keybind is out of bounds (#716) PabstMirror
ADDED: Keep contents/attachments support for CBA_fnc_removeXCargo functions (#726) jonpas
ADDED: CONFIG type as param in CBA_fnc_getTurret (#729) Dystopian
ADDED: XEH compatibility for v1.76 classes (#734) commy2
ADDED: CBA_fnc_removeGlobalEventJIP (#741) PabstMirror
ADDED: CBA_MiscItem and CBA_MiscItem_ItemInfo base classes for generic items visible in the Virtual Arsenal (#744) PabstMirror
CHANGED: Adjustments for v1.76 debug console (#735, #737) commy2
CHANGED: Updated Joint Rails for v1.76 (#740) robalo
FIXED: XEH initPost sometimes runs twice (#567, #736) SilentSpike, PabstMirror
FIXED: XEH stops working on respawned vehicles (#731, #733) commy2
FIXED: A bug in deprecated CBA_fnc_getArea (#710) fishykins
FIXED: Lobby group names reset during loading screen (#718, #728) chris579, commy2
FIXED: Invalid result for CBA_fnc_getNearest (#719, #720) nilsms
FIXED: Weapon accessory switching issue with inheritance (#722) PabstMirror
FIXED: Non-existing weapon parents in CBA_fnc_removeXCargo (#725, #726, #746) Entih, jonpas
FIXED: Slow loading settings menu (#739, #742) SilentSpike
FIXED: Debug console disabled in SP Virtual Arsenal mission after v1.76 update (#743) commy2
REMOVED: Superfluous private in player events (#711) jokoho48

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Re: Repository changelog

Post by El Tyranos » Thu 21 Sep 2017 08:21

Size : ~ 615mb
Updated repositories : WW2

~ IFA3 v23 : Blitzkrieg update
Full changelog : ... 2017-09-20

~ IFA3 ACE Compat
~ Improved: Blitzkrieg Update compatibility.
~ Improved: coding.
~ Fixed: LIB_SIGN_MINEN_mag no longer exist in IFA3.
~ Fixed: disabled FCS for tanks.

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Re: Repository changelog

Post by El Tyranos » Sat 30 Sep 2017 23:55

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Re: Repository changelog

Post by El Tyranos » Mon 2 Oct 2017 19:55

Size : ~ 8.67gb
Updated repositories : all

~ Ares Achilles Expanison - Alpha 0.0.9
Change: Locked vehicles can be entered by remote controlled AI (same as "Locked for Players" in Eden).
Change: Advanced Weather Module: Takes current weather data as default values; Rainbow slider.
Change: Add objects to Zeus: Only adds objects to the Zeus player that used the module.
Change: Adjusted name of Patrol/Loiter module to emphasize that loiter is not restricted to choppers.
Change: displayName config parameter is now used when selecting ammo types when using the Fire Mission module. This improves user-friendliness and allows easier selection of muntion types.
Feature: Attribute window: Sliders show actual value as a tooltip.
Feature: Achilles_fnc_showChooseDialog, a revised version of Ares_fnc_showChooseDialog (the latter is kept for compatibility reasons).
Feature: New useful global veriable: Achilles_var_latestModuleLogic.
Feature: Option to give suicide bombers vests to make it look more realistic.
Fix: CAS Bomb Strike: Module was listed twice and cluster bombs were not available.
Fix: Hotkey for remote control and switch unit features did not work while the map was open.
Fix: Set map position to camera position after loading interface.
Fix: Fix weapons not being removed when Pylon Loadout is changed (by @CoxLedere).
Fix: Fixed an error when suicide bombers were used when the disabling type was selected.

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Re: Repository changelog

Post by El Tyranos » Mon 16 Oct 2017 09:46

Size : ~ A LOT of gb
Updated repositories : all

~ CUP Terrains Core 1.4.0
* Hanged man and mass grave items are now available in 3DEN and Zeus ( T2153 )
* Added closed variants of some buildings ( T1939 )
* Macro for doors in config.cpp animationSources entry - statement

* Fixed geometric occluders on HouseBlock, HouseV_2L, Terrace_K_1_EP1, and House_L_1_EP1
* Fixed RVMATs with syntax errors
* Fixed animation and RPT error on Vez_ropa - Fixes T1318
* Fixed RPT errors and path issues in a few of the structures_e/HouseC damaged models
* Fixed view geometry missing on a bunch of HouseBlock ruin models
* Fixed white pixels on furthest distance LOD of t_picea3f
* Removed a loose piece of view geometry from A_BuildingWIP.p3d
* Fixed geometric occluders on some sheds
* Fixed view/fire geometry on part of the A_BuildingWIP_ruins.p3d
* Fixed a benign HouseBase RPT error
* Fixed a few objects trying to use RVMATs with two UVSets while one of their LODs only had one UVSet
* Fixed a few rocks missing roadway texture
* Fixed bone errors from GateSkeleton, and runway lights when using Arma 3 Diag
* Fixed geometric occluders on A_Mosque_big_wall_corner_EP1.p3d and House_C_11_EP1.p3d
* Fixed House_C_11_EP1.p3d using wrong UVSet for second LOD
* Fixed several dozen objects with slightly misconfigured geometry LODs, most notably view geometry of some trees
* Fixed missing component on a couple of Misc_WoodPile.p3d's geometries
* Fixed second UVSet error on SS_hangar.p3d, and Misc_WoodPile.p3d
* IBR Objects received an _IBR Tag at the end - Classname duplication

* buildings2 addon completely updated to new animationNames for Doors - adjusted animations, that animateSource 1 is opening and animateSource 0 is closing of doors.
* buildings2 - several buildings updated from dvereN to Door_N and new animateSource command
* Added geometric occluder to Wall_IndCnc2_3
* Added breakable glass to WarfareBAirport
* Added material to fire geometry of several buildings2/Ind_CementWorks/Ind_SiloVelke models
* improved rvmats and textures for Arma 2 trees and bushes
* improved rvmats for pretty much all of the buildings roads and stuff
* all buildings (should) be updated to new animationSource Namings - Some new door animations added
* updated ca_buildings - All Animated Models updated to new StandardNaming of Doors and Glass. - Multiple closed Buildings exchanged with open Versions. Multiple Non-Animated Models received a animated Doors and some also Glass. I hate Commit Messages.
* Arma 2 ground clutter now uses Arma 3 RVMAT settings.
* Better RVMATs for Arma 2 autumn trees.
* Most of the trees have been edited so distand lods fit the near view better.
* updated HouseV2_XX for further inspection (Occluder problems)

* cup_terrains_ca_misc3_c - Removed classes which were overwritting vanilla classes, causing proxy flags to not work on vehicles/characters on CUP Terrains

* "buildings2HouseBlocks" - Several Models - Roadway-LOD reworked / path's added
* Last files in buildings2 updated to new Door_N and Glass_N Names
* structures_pmc - upgrade of existing Doors/Glass to new AnimSource names
* missing animationSources added - Ignore Land_Tovarna2 -.- i hate that one. Will be the last.
* modifed - buildings2_c Configs updated to new macro
* HouseBlock_B1_ruins.p3d - Roadway updated (1st Push, lets see what i broke)
* missing entrys in model.cfg - sections added
* buildings(_c), buildings2(_c) and structures(_c) - (hopefully) last changes to the DoorAnims made. - Several Door Animations added to existing Gates
* buildings(2) - several adjustments (Glass Anims/Memory/Geometry)
* buildings(_c) - door_N_button -> door_N_trigger... + minor fixes (Tovarna2 fixed (*hate*))
* buildings (_c) rechecked. ToDo Tovarna2 and new Animation for Hangar Gates (follows later)
* Missing land_statek_brana_open added to config. inheriting from land_statek_brana
* misc_e(_c) - DVEEEERRREEEEEEEEEE (updated all doors+Anims)
* Structures(_c) +_pmc(_c) - door_N_button -> door_N_trigger ... minor fixes in Axis
* ca_structures - upgrade of existing Doors/Glass to new AnimSource names. -Several Buildings received additional Glass and/or Door Animations +bugfixes
* structures_e(_c) - Doors (and several glass) Animations added/updated (dvere->door_N) to new AnimationSource naming. Some Door Handle animations added.
* Macro updated with Shutter, Macro for Glass AnimationSource
* modified Door Macro - Statement added - 0 closed - 1 opened -- Examples added
* Shutter AnimationName in condition updated (shutter_N_source -> shutter_N_sound_source)
* ca_water2_dummy - Updated Door Animations

~ CUP Terrains Maps 1.4.0
* Fixed missing footstep sounds on Chernarus
* Fixed missing footstep sounds on Takistan gravel roads

* Edited Takistani mountains rvmats to better fit the new lighting.
* Edited Bystrica rvmats to better fit the new lighting.
* Edited Bukovina rvmats to better fit the new lighting.
* Edited Chernarus rvmats to better fit the new lighting.
* Edited Desert rvmats to better fit the new lighting.
* Edited Proving Grounds rvmats to better fit the new lighting.
* Edited Utes rvmats to better fit the new lighting.
* Halved the diffuse setting for all of the Utes map layers for more natural look.

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Re: Repository changelog

Post by El Tyranos » Thu 19 Oct 2017 18:18

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Re: Repository changelog

Post by El Tyranos » Wed 25 Oct 2017 16:01

Size : ~ 120mb
Updated repositories : All

~ ACE 3.11.0
Added a pylon menu component allowing players to change aircraft loadouts using an intuitive menu (#5517)
Added an option to move player placed markers (#5397)
Added a "Load into cargo" Zeus module (#5528)
Added a "Garrison" Zeus modules (#4555)
Added a "Toggle Flashlight" and "Toggle NVG" Zeus module (#4556)
Added underwater actions support (#4984)
Added configurable grenade rotation to Advanced Throwing (#5621)
Added option for UAV Self Interactions (#5379)
Added function to add Zeus actions on the fly (#5620)
Added fastrope keybind (#5606)
Added stow fries interaction without the need to deploy and cut ropes (#5533)
Added keybind for capturing of a unit under the cursor (#5529)
Added settings to disable rating system (friendly fire) (#5354)
Added AGM-65 Maverick L (laser guided AGM) (#5364)

Changed all ACE3 items to CBA Misc Item type instead of using the mine detector method (#5502)
Replaced helicopter eject configs with a universal scripted action (#5384)
Removed rain, lightnings and wind sync (#5622)
Turned ACE3 FCS off by default (#5580)

Complete Spectator overhaul (#5171)
Improved spectator drawing and selection (#5457)
Distributed the new medical box model (#5278)
Added support for Orange DLC drones (uav_06) (#5494)
Added explosive support for Orange DLC mines (#5486)
Added requireSurrender setting for taking AI captive (#5522)
Added the ability to abort module actions (#5284)
Added event handlers for UAV control (#5305)
Added Hellfire support for UAVs (#5305)
Added optional parameter to useEffects during setDamage/setHit to skip destruction effects (#5318)
Allowed selecting a specific vehicle to load captives and unconscious units into (#5519)
Allowed adding additional icon/text lines for mouse hints (#5524)
Advanced Ballistics - Improved drag model and corrected spin drift (#5566, #5538)
Advanced Ballistics - Utilized new parseSimpleArray command (#5496)
Advanced Ballistics - Fixed values for both 127x108 bullets (#5588)
Advanced Ballistics - Updated rail/scope height compatibility files (#5650)
Advanced Ballistics - Improved conversion tool: 'ballistic coefficient' -> 'air friction' (#5573, #5641)
Improved range card to always display barrel length and bore height (#5551)
Improved bore height config for ace_scopes (#5648)
Improved cook off to filter bad ammo and use new rearm config (#5618)
Updated "no uniform restrictions" definitions for Arma 3 1.76 (#5625)
Refactored private array to private keyword (#5598)
Cleaned up optional argument headers (#5543)
Used selectRandomWeighted command from 1.76 in cook off (#5482)
Replaced UI icons with vanilla / common ones (#5532)
Added JIP event deleting in Cargo if vehicle is deleted (#5506)
Moved the Hellfire hud to the laser module (#5503)
Added Hellfire support to CUP and RHS aircraft (#5367, #5444)
Improved laser seeker range (#5365)
Improved handling of load patient/captive actions (#5544)
Added new fastrope animations (#5501)
Improved incremental door opening on vanilla aircraft carrier doors (#5498)
Allowed loading fuel canisters via ace_cargo (#5493)
Cleaned up multiple configs and code style (#5463)
Updated Chinese translations (#5637)
Updated Italian translations (#5636, #5627, #5576, #5542, #5531, #5535)
Updated German translations (#5539)
Updated Japanese translations (#5565, #5612, #5476, #5536, #5505, #5586)
Updated Korean translations (#5554)
Updated RHS compatiblity for 3.4.0 (#5607, #5619, #5589, #5574)
Updated R3F compatiblity (fixed J10 mildot and improved Advanced Ballistics definitions) (#5593, #5541, #5587)

Fixed bugs in Rearm (#5411, #5289)
Fixed Taru pod not usable for loading in persons (#5464)
Fixed virtual spectators exiting spectator when the respawn template is active (#5466)
Fixed an error in Dogtags with cyrillic names (#5473)
Fixed Kestrel head and cross wind calculations when Advanced Ballistics is turned off (#5489)
Fixed an error for laser targets if the turret does not have a primaryGunner config (#5507)
Fixed a bug that could lead to units never dying when using the "Prevent Instant Death" setting (#5526)
Fixed a race condition when rope is cut and someone mounts the rope (#5569)
Fixed a bug where defused UXOs could still be defused again and detected by mine detector (#5623)
Fixed the GetIn event handler in QuickMount and handled locked seats (#5626, #5611)
Prevented server-side fastroping teleport (#5629)
Fixed MRAD conversion in Scopes (#5651)
Fixed MRAD conversion for ATragMX and range card (#5640)
Removed legacy medical settings (#5609)
Disabled checking weapon temperature on the fake weapon helper class (#5600)
Fixed the restore gear function to not add the fake weapon helper class (#5491)
Fixed trip flare not showing correctly in Virtual Arsenal (#5564)
Deprecated the isUnderwater function (replaced by underwater command from 1.66) (#5560)
Removed deprecated ace_medical_fnc_addToInjuredCollection function (#5559)
Removed deprecated ace_common_fnc_stringRemoveWhitespace function (#5483)
Fixed SDV refueling (#5546)
Hindered unconscious handlers to run globally (#5504)
Fixed a bug when switching between TBH and AT mode in ATragMX (#5485)
Removed cargo from fastrope helper object (#5480)
Hid duplicate weapon srifle_dmr_03_spotter_f (#5477)
Allowed using entrenching tool on malden grass surface (#5453)
Fixed cars loaded as cargo taking water damage (#5402, #5398)

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Re: Repository changelog

Post by El Tyranos » Wed 25 Oct 2017 23:28

Size : ~ 5mb
Updated repositories : WW2

~ IFA3 ACE Compat v.23.1
~ Added: IFA3 and I44 buildings compatibility with ACE wirecutters thanks to PIONEER!
~ Added: ace_reloadlaunchers enabled for Panzerschreck and Bazooka. Allows your buddies to reload your own launcher.
~ Improved: tweaked hand grenades torque when using advanced throwing.

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Re: Repository changelog

Post by El Tyranos » Sun 12 Nov 2017 11:48

Size : ~ 5500mb
Updated repositories : Mainbuild

~ RHS AFRF v0.4.4
ADDED IN 0.4.4
Added Dynamic Object Drawing option to RHS Menu Options. In planes & helicopters it's possible to decide whether near zero pixel object chopping optimization should be applied to ground vehicles. Following options are available: Off, Limited by Object View Distance, Limited by Terrain Draw Distance. By default option is turned off
Added new S-24 model and textures
Italian strings by AtixNeon
Added FAB-100
Added FAB-500 M54 bombs

^ Increased max radar range of ZSU-23-4
^ Added showAsCargo params to Mi-8 & Tu-95
^ Klen-PS is automaticly disengaged after losing track
^ Removed vanilla lock tone sound on vehicles with SPO-15 RWR
^ Improved Tochka-U physx
^ Tweaked planes head leaning during sharp turns
^ Tweaked Su-25 loadouts
^ Tweaked sensors range further
^ Tu-95 sensors defined
^ Updates to Shilka sounds (May be further modified)
^ Adjusted Su-25 & MiG-29 dive indicator
^ Increased CM immunity of AFRF radar guided missiles a little bit
^ Calibrated Su-25 CCIP mark
^ Added AP belts for ZSU and ZU-23
^ Update to BMD sounds
^ Adjusted Su-25 hitpoints
^ Ka-52 radar range increased to 11 km
^ ZSU-32 IncomingMissileDetectionSystem set to 0
^ Added firemodes to KMGU-2
^ Adjusted Su-25 hitpoints
^ Tweaked timing of AK(S)-74 reload animation
^ Renamed 5N7 to 7N6 and 7N6 to 7N6M, since 5N7 seems to exist only on wikipedia

FIXED IN 0.4.4
@ Fixed Klen-PS throwing script error when USAF was not loaded
@ Fixed few scripts which were dependant on USAF, now should work without USAF loaded
@ 9M120 missile magazine had the wrong pylonWeapon assigned (other 9M120M/F/O, variants weren't affected)
@ Fixed AKS-74 folding into AK-74M
@ Fixed AKS-74N (plum) folding into NPZ version
@ Fixed AKS-74N (Plum - folded) muzzleflash was visible at all times
@ Fixed UAZ & Ural sounds
@ Fixed Vikhr missile guidance
@ Fixed Mi-24 ATGM handling on dedicated server
@ Fixed engine startup script
@ Fixed Pak-Fa inherited some Su-25 scripts
@ Fixed MiG-29 HUD clipping when mastersafe & HMD was engaged
@ Su-25 launch authorization lights were not working properly
@ AK103+GP25 reload anim was out of sync
@ Fixed rifle cartridges shadows
@ Fixed Tochka-U sounds
@ Fixed T-72B3 Tank Commander override
@ Fixed MiG-29 speed & alt baro indicator textures
@ Fixed MiG-29 wreck doing crazy stunts (non convex geometry)
@ Fixed UAZ (DShkM) gunner zoom levels
@ Fixed T-80UK dazzler glass weird texture
@ Fixed BMD-2 gun particle effects - close T2311
@ Inverted T-50 fin animations
@ PAK-FA was missing some radar size properties. Version with external pylons is now easier to detect by radars
@ Corrected bad strings for repair Ural in some languages - close T2320
@ T-50 & MiG-29 were missing pylon proxies in their fire geometry
@ Mi-24 Increased maxTorque and maxMainRotorStress values.

~ RHS USAF v0.4.4
ADDED IN 0.4.4
Added Dynamic Object Drawing option to RHS Menu Options. In planes & helicopters it's possible to decide whether near zero pixel object chopping optimization should be applied to ground vehicles. Following options are available: Off, Limited by Object View Distance, Limited by Terrain Draw Distance. By default option is turned off
Adds M1084 Special Operations Vehicle
Eden editor attribute for M1085 CBPS and M1078 CP Box deployment
Italian strings by AtixNeon

^ Improved Glock 17 diffuse textures
^ Added showAsCargo params to UH-1 & 60
^ Increased M1117 wheels protection
^ Some more tweaks to A10A TVM script
^ Tweaked UH-1Y & UH-60M hitpoints
^ Added manual control to laser guided Hellfires as interim solution to locking issues
^ Tweaked sensors range further
^ Tweaked CH-53 sensors and display range
^ Gave AGM-56B 3500m range back
^ Tweaked UH-1Y firegeometry & hitpoints
^ Adjusted M1 coax FCS calculations
^ Removed manual guidance from Longbow Hellfire
^ Added manual guidance to DAGR
^ Cleaned out redundant animation options from M1085 CBPS and M1078A1R M1084A1R SOVs in Virtual Garage
^ Adjusted A10A hitpoints
^ Reduced flickering of gauges in driver's view of SOV FMTVs
^ Adjusted M249 weapon masses, based on their visual configuration (fitted rails, bipod etc.)
^ Cleaned out several redundant UV sets in M249+VFG models
^ Adjusted A10A hitpoints

FIXED IN 0.4.4
@ Fixed LT660 holo collimator effect
@ Typo in RHS_MELB_AH6M_H classname
@ Fixes textures for SOV FMTV and adds new areas for upcoming SOV model
@ Fixed A10A TVM not shutting down after firing all Mavericks
@ Fixed engine startup script
@ Fixed Littlebird gravity boxes collision
@ Fixed M113 missing right click zoom for driver
@ Fixed M622 6rnd smoke grenade mass
@ Fixed A10A RWR not showing detected threats properly
@ Removed manual control from some AGM65 missile variants
@ Fixed SU-230/PVS (CX5395) not being visible in Arsenal
@ Fixed FMTV SOV get in memory points
@ Fixed M113 driver KIA anims
@ Fixed rogue IFF proxy in of the m113a3 w/ m240 LODs
@ Fixed typo in UH60 door eden attribute
@ SOV texture fixes
@ Fixed SOV textures
@ UH-60M adjusted curve of lateral cyclic controls.
@ UH-60 Fixed linearization of lateral cyclic in last update.
@ UH-60 Changed controls mixing and roll damper SAS gain.
@ Removed M113 hatch movement from unarmed variant (didn't find way to somehow give control over rotation) - close T2297
@ M1078A1R SOV speedometer movement was backwards
@ UH-60 Tweaked longitudinal cyclic ranges.
@ UH-60 Tweaked mixing values.
@ Fixed parts of M153 CROWS glass not rotating with the rest of the turret

~ RHS GREF v0.4.4
ADDED IN 0.4.4
Italian strings by AtixNeon
Added pistol version of Vz61, now using same system as PP2000 for stock folding
Added proper icon for Izh-18
OG-107 uniforms

^ Added physx suspension to An-2
^ Adjusted memory points for Vz61 brass ejection, should fly more up now
^ HIDF texture improvements
^ Replaced HIDF sage assault pack with ranger green one to better match newer textures

FIXED IN 0.4.4
@ Fixed missing L159 pylons in pilot view
@ Sa vz. 58 reload animations were out of sync
@ Fixed An-2 left elevator anims
@ Fixed An-2 panels & sensors
@ Fixed HIDF HMMWVs displaying incorrect eden editor preview images

~ RHS SAF v0.4.4
ADDED IN 0.4.4
Blue-gray version of SAF MiG-29 paint scheme (as seen on the new aircraft donated from Russia)
Italian strings by AtixNeon
Added MRUD AP mines
Added editorpreview images for TMA-4 and PMA-3

^ Displayname of M84 LMG 250Rnd Box changed to Belt to avoid confusion (250Rnd Box cant be mounted on the LMG without tripod, but belt from the box can be used)
^ Revised Zrak binoculars reticle and aperture
^ Adjusted Minimi mass

FIXED IN 0.4.4
@ Wrong path to models of Zrak binocular
@ Some para AI had wrong magazines in inventory
@ Fixed TMA-4 rvmat
@ G36KV was missing burst fire mode

~ Project OPFOR 0.2.4
- Added Datsun
- Added Land Rover (SPG-9)
- Added Flags for all factions
- Added More aks-74/aks-74u for Afghan Militia, Islamic State
- Added PM-63 for Afghan Militia, Iraqi Armed Forces, Kurdish Armed Forces, African Militia, Islamic State, Irish Republican Army
- Added Optional RDS compatibility pbo
- Fixed Boko Haram sides
- Fixed Priority on factions
- Fixed ISIS Uniforms (OPFOR is no longer naked)
- Fixed static.sqf editor script error (thanks to Spyderblack723)
- Fixed stringable error
- Fixed CfgMoves error (one left)
- Fixed Lee Enfield is back in VA
- Fixed Iraqi Armed Forces is now using AKM as main weapon
- Fixed RACS is now using M249 as MG and M24 as sniper rifle
- Improved ISOF units
- Improved Boko Haram groups (thanks to >D4S< Shepherd of Fire)
- Improved IRA and UVF groups (thanks to >D4S< Shepard of Fire)
- Improved Islamic State groups
- Improved ISIS HMMWV Textures
- Improved Iraqi HMMWV Textures

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Re: Repository changelog

Post by El Tyranos » Mon 20 Nov 2017 18:04

Size : ~
Updated repositories : Mainbuild

- Betekov
- Chernarus winter

@BG21 members : You can free some disk space

Size : ~ 3.4gb
Updated repositories : WW2

~ Faces of War v4
Handerson Airfield map
Bike horn for truppenfahrrad
GMC Truck
Type 97 truck
Type 95 Ha-Go
Kubelwagen (MG)
Sd.kfz. 222
Sd.kfz. 234/1
Sd.kfz. 250
Sd.kfz. 250/9
Sd.kfz. 251
Universal carrier

Sd.kfz. 251 wreck
Type 95 Ha-Go wreck
Sd.kfz. 222 wreck
Willys wreck
Universal Carrier wreck

Dienstglas 6x30 binoculars
German Nb39B Smoke grenade
British no.82 "Gammon bomb"
British no.79 Smoke grenade
British no.77 White Phosphorous Grenade
British no.73 Anti-tank grenade
British no.69 Hand grenade
TNT explosives
M1919a4 tripod
M1919a6 deployed
MG 34 General-purpose machine gun
Gewehr 43 Semi-automatic rifle
FG42 Fallschirmjäger gewehr
MG 42 deployed
Radom Vis P35
Pistole 640(b)
Walther PPK
Welrod Mk.II Silenced pistol
P08 Luger
Zf41 scope (thanks to the Unsung Team)
M1912 shotgun
Ithaca shotgun
Springfield M1903 (Thanks to Toadie)
Panzerfaust (Klein, 30, 60, 100)
Rifle No.5 Jungle carbine
No.4 bayo for Rifle No.4
M1 Garand tracers ammo

US munitions containers
UK munitions containers
IJA munitions containers
German Fallschirmjäger Drop canister

UK SEAC units
UK Radio operator unit
UK LT textures for PIB, BP, and CAN 01 and 02
UK RHA beret variants
UK RTR beret variants
UK Radio backpack green variant
UK Backpack variant with shovel
UK Jungle hat

US Engineer, Radio operator, Sniper, Rifleman M1903a1, SMG guner M1a1, SMG gunner M3, rifleman m1 Carbine, shotgun riflemen
US Army paratroopers and gear (82nd & 101st)
M37 & M41 US groups and units
US Army Merril's Marauders units
US Army HBT uniform variants
USMC camo uniform variants
US M1 helmet NCO variant
US M1 helmet folded variant
US M1 closed variant
US Haversack M-1928 variant
A4 Wool Cap (nvg slot)
US Daisy Mae hat variants
AUS faction
M4A2 US army markings by Jaki

Waffen SS uniforms
Waffen SS M43 Smock
Wehrmacht Herringbone uniform
Wehrmacht Panzercrew uniforms & gears
Wehrmacht M42 helmet
German Fallschirmjäger Helmet with net
German backpack ammo boxes for MG34/42
German Torn radio backpack
German Backpack ammo boxes for MG34/42 as cosmetic options (NVG slot)
IJA rifleman AT (frag) unit
Parachute (placeholder)
Carlisle fak
Facegear items
Glasses, Gloves and Watches
Burned Characters

Reyhard's advises for caliber & hit calibration
AT disposable system
CSA comp for magazines
New main menu
Uniform icons pics

PIAT is now a primary weapon
Darkened US gear
M1 Garand dark texture variant
M1 Garand improved sight
STG44 texture
STG44 distance settings
Improved RoF sys
Disabled A3 protocols for IJA and GER units
Improved SS Peadot textures
Added ADV tag in the weapon backpack (mortars)
Improved Vickers shooting anims
New German M24 'Splittering' model
New German M24 Concussion Grenade model
Allies and Axis are set enemy by default for new scenarios
Increased capacity for all backpacks
Reworked US units load out
Reworked UK units load out
Handanim M55
M1a1 Thompson textures

Willys driver anim
Surfacesound wood on wx_woodenRoadBridge
Type99 reload bug
LCVP roadway bug
Wrong get in\out point for 6 pounder
British para webbing cargo space

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Re: Repository changelog

Post by El Tyranos » Fri 1 Dec 2017 17:13

Size : ~ 3.4gb
Updated repositories : WW2

~ IFA3 v24
Direct download :
Playable content:
Added: German Engineering (Winter version) showcase by Jaki!

Added: IF Winter terrains by swurvin!

Added: Winter reskins of IF buildings and objects by GSTAVO!
Added: Winter reskins of CUP objects and buildings by GSTAVO!
Added: Winter reskins of trenches by Stadl0r!
Added: leafless version of IF trees by lawz and El Tyranos!
Added: Winter reskins of leafy IF trees by Stadl0r!
Added: Winter reskins of IF bushes by Stadl0r!
Added: new Normandy vegetation (Bocage) by Reece!
Added: additional cobble variants by swurvin!

Added: Winter reskins of Opel trucks by Stadl0r!

Added: new vehicle pictures thanks to sa-matra!
Updated: equipment pictures thanks to sa-matra!
Updated: major revision of object categorization.

Changed: tweaked smoke shell FX thanks Zabuza and ACE!


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