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Pack d'addons : Changelog

Post by El Tyranos » Fri 4 Nov 2016 17:48

Latest post of the previous page:

~ IF 44 Hotfix 1
Problème d'ordre de chargement des addons

+ Snow storm script
Module dans eden pour ajouter une tempète de neige, tremblement de froid, vapeur d'eau à la respiration. A tester niveau perf.

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Pack d'addons : Changelog

Post by El Tyranos » Tue 8 Nov 2016 02:07

~ ARES 0.0.4c
Change: Teleport player: Teleport entire vehcile is now optional.
Change: Instant occupation does distribute large group (>8 members) on different buildings (by Grezvany13)
Change: Revised equipment module category.
Change: Chatter module now sets mouse cursor on text box automatically.
Change: Remote control chatter: Acces to zeus chat was not avialabel.
Change: Sort player and group lists in alphabetic order (Player Module Category).
Change: Suppressive fire: group lines up perpendicular to target direction (except in combat).
Feature: A few new Advanced Compositions from Apex Protocol campaign.
Feature: Updated Russian Translation (by Igor Nikolaev).
Feature: Achilles Dialog windows can be moved.
Feature: Damage vehicle components button is implemented (edit vehicle menu).
Feature: Behaviour careless and combat modes (from "hold fire" to "fire and engage at will").
Feature: Set ammunition slider (vehicle and unit edit menu).
Feature: Headlight/Searchlight option (vehicle edit menu)
Feature: Unit edit menu: Arsenal and Skill button; set unit name for chatter module
Fix: Suppressive fire: - Broke down when more than 2 "suppression target modules" were available. - Unit did not cease fire if group mate is in line of fire. - Suppressive fire: Units went "crazy" in mechanized and motorized groups.
Fix: Logger for loading achilles modules was not removed.
Fix: Client side script errors reported in RPT log file.
Fix: Wind force of 0 is no longer possible (prevents flares from being stuck in the air).
Fix: Remote controlled units were not able to untie a surrendered unit or pick up an intel.
Fix: Create intel Module: - Issues that occure when multiple intels were created (not fully proven to be fixed). - Script error due to wrong variable locality.
Fix: Compatibility issues between Ares and TFAR (not fully proven to be fixed)
Fix: Script errors in surrender unit module.

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Pack d'addons : Changelog

Post by El Tyranos » Tue 8 Nov 2016 11:54

Added: CBA_fnc_hashSize function to get size of hashes (#528, #531) Killswitch00
Added: RETDEF() macro (#537) 654wak654
Improved: Performance of RETNIL() macro (#537) 654wak654
Fixed: Script error about variable with empty name (#535, #536, #539) commy2
Fixed: IS_INTEGER() macro unsafe when used with low priority commands (#537) 654wak654
Fixed: Errors in some function headers (#541) PabstMirror

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Pack d'addons : Changelog

Post by El Tyranos » Fri 25 Nov 2016 02:09

+ Faces of War
Here a quick list of what you can find in this first release:
4 factions (UK, GER, US, JAP) including many uniform variants and vests
2 vehicles (LCVP, Willys Jeep)
3 weapons per faction (Rifle, SMG, LMG)
1 map : Betio Tarawa
bolt action system - you can either use manual bolting module (bolt cycling on clicking) or stick to the default system which triggers bolt operation upon releasing the mouse button
A module that limits the usage of the items stored in the backpack

~ ACE 3.8.2
Add RHS MELB Fast Rope compatibility, add 3d debuging of mem points (#4685)

Change mortar to ammo handling weapon on init (#4678)
Advanced Fatigue swimming/diving/crawling tweaks (#4672)
Use head direction for drawing MicroDAGR waypoints (#4670)
Don't compile action menu for playable logics (#4666)
Hide Advanced Fatigue bar on map / spectator (#4655)
ATragMX - Estimate bullet length instead of using a fixed value (#4651)

Allow checking dogtags inside vehicles and when sitting (#4619)
Updates the Ballistics module to support Apex (#4616)
Cookoff ammo selections default values (#4604)
Blocks AI getting back into the vehicle on cookoff (#4587)

Fix Advanced Fatigue for adjusted stances (#4671)
Fix tagTestingThread error (#4662)
Fix Trip Flares script error (#4647)
Fix ammo cook off with certain explosives (#4638)
MedicalAI - Fix treatment animion with no weapon (#4633)
Fix Full Repair menu not shown when damage returns 0 (#4621)
Fix Kestrel4500 wind speed calculation (#4609)
Fix makeJerryCan locality issues (#4600)
Fix cargo find nearest vehicle (#4592)
ACE_Chemlight_Shield not public (#4612)
Remove scrollbars from javelin scope (#4618)
Fixes the ATragMX 'Done' button issue (#4617)
Ballistics - Fixed 6.5mm magazine config (#4641)
Prevent switching to weapon while carrying fuel nozzle (#4629)

Scopes - Updated wiki framework (#4680)

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Pack d'addons : Changelog

Post by El Tyranos » Tue 6 Dec 2016 00:46


~ Iron Front V14

North Africa factions thanks to Lennary! Summary:
Civilian and French FFI factions by Joarius, reyhard and BI!
Planes upgraded to A3 standards and with PhysX
GMC Trucks upgrade to A3 standards (working PhysX and engine sounds)
New custom faces by Lennard!
Schiessbecher Kar 98 grenade launcher by Lennard!
New German winter assets and variants by Lennard!
New Russian winter uniform variant by Lennard!
Lowered CfgAISkill maxmiums akin and thanks to ACE3 team!
Added: rifle grenade system thanks to Adanteh!
Works with "silencer" type items.
If a empty cup is equipped as silencer on any weapon that supports it, it will show "Reload Pz.Gr. 40" as normal.
That will switch out the empty "silencer" for a silencer with ammo. Firing the weapon will launch the grenade and replace the silencer by an empty one again.
Only adds/removes actions if both ammo and proper attachment are present. No hardcoded classnames, so should be good enough to support any sort of rifle grenade setup.

Changed: made bolting also work with remoteControl.
Added: random headgear handling for Deutsches AfrikaKorps units (DAK).
Added: US soldiers are now compatible with ArmA 3 insignias system ("ranger" named selection is now named "insignia").
Changed: made the WW2 style compass and watch optional (opt-in).
Added: WW2_Core_c_Optional_HideFromEditor_ClothingWeaponsItems_c now hides ArmA Vanilla insignias in Arsenal.

Added: binocular to tank crews.
Fixed: removed radio from NKVD units.
Fixed: standardized damage material (bisurf) files to A3 standards.
Fixed: forced planes bombs lock options to 0.
Fixed: first iteration of tweaked tanks - armor/PhysX/AT shell damage - by Alan.
Fixed: refined AP/APCR Shells by Alan!
Improved: AP/APCR/HE Hit and airFriction final values by Alan!
Fixed: tanks armor values.
Fixed: AT rockets hit values.
Improved: AT grenades now have a better penetration capacity.
Fixed: increased T34/76 and Sherman AP Shell damages.
Fixed: tweaked tanks reload speed.
Fixed: tanks PhysX refined.

Added: North Africa Update Factions (Afrikakorps, US North Africa Corps, US 2nd Ranger).
Added: North Africa Update CfgUnitInsignia.
Added: North Africa Update Deutsche Afrika Korps faction and gear.
Added: North Africa Update US 2nd Ranger faction and gear.
Added: North Africa Update US North Africa Corps faction and gear.
Added: North Africa Update tanks textures compatibility with EDEN.
Added: North Africa Update wheeled APCs textures compatibility with EDEN.
Added: North Africa Update wheeled vehicles textures compatibility with EDEN.
Added: North Africa Update static weapons textures compatibility with EDEN.
Added: North Africa Update planes textures compatibility with EDEN.
Added: North Africa Update DAK Pith Helmet.
Improved: DAK units have a more realistic setup (no more Panzershreck nor G43).
Added: new number variants (white) for German tanks.
Added: German sniper's winter uniform variants by Lennard!
Added: winter headwrap by Lennard!
Added: last possible German A-Frame variant (mess kit only).
Added: bigger empty backback versions (hidden by default).
Fixed: overloaded infantry classes (some of magazines weren't stored in soldier vest or uniform).
Changed: all tank and static gun sights have now the high quality texture even in the LITE version.
Fixed: Carabine M1 normal maps showed stripes on the barrel.
Fixed: tweaked Mosin's bayonet position.
Fixed: missing texture on 2 faces of Russian cap's LOD5.
Removed: shadow LOD camo namedselection on German medic bag.
Fixed: SVT-40 Top proxy path.
Fixed: visual glitch on German net helmet.
Fixed: G43's resolution LOD 5 remade to use other LODs texture.
Fixed: SVT40 top proxy.
Fixed: bayonet rail had one side missing on K98 series.
Fixed: more realistic 3D for G33/40.
Added: new G33/40 texture.
Fixed: US Captain Helmet strap had a wrong texture.
Added: 2nd Ranger insignia.
Fixed: PanzerFaust Geometry LOD had no mass.
Fixed: Pak40 gun vertical axis was faulty.
Fixed: drivingwheels max turn angles.
Fixed: Zis-3 sight was not moving verticaly.
Fixed: big church geometry.
Fixed: US version of P39 is to have US weaponry.
Fixed: Willys & Zis-5 right hands are now stick to the gear lever.
Fixed: Pak40 & Zis-3 Gunners can now leave optic view.
Improved: some drivers are now moving their hands while driving.
Fixed: MG42 tripod gunner's is now ejected when killed.
Fixed: prepared headset to be available as glasses/NVG - still require 3D adjusments.
Fixed: Kfz1 ViewPilot FOV was too narrow.
Fixed: cars spawned with vanilla medikit.
Fixed: tanks headlights color.
Fixed: car and trucks headlights.
Fixed: PhysX adjusments to Panzer VI B.
Fixed: tracer color.
Improved: Flak 38 shields can now be customized in Eden.
Fixed: some glasses are now available on NVG slot.
Fixed: new GER riflemen variants were wearing STG/MP40 mag pouches.
Fixed: Missing shoulder patch for US Private 1st Class.
Removed: schiesbecher is no more compatible with G33/40 as it would not fit in real life.
Added: GMC trucks headlights.
Added: GMCs are now PIP compatible.
Fixed: GMCs are compatible with PhysX.
Fixed: GMCs sounds.
Fixed: GMCs memory LODs - enhanced some PhysX memory points position.
Fixed: GMCs landcontact LODs.
Improved: GMC Trucks shadow LOD.
Fixed: planes cabins transparency was faulty.
Fixed: planes sights are now aligned and have a parallax effect.
Fixed: planes mirrors are now PiP.
Fixed: planes pilots now have animated sticks and hands.
Fixed: FW190 compatibility with PhysX.
Fixed: FW190 propeller shadow and glass transparency issue.
Fixed: JU87 compatibility with PhysX.
Fixed: Ju87 PIP fov.
Fixed: P-39 compatibility with PhysX.
Fixed: P-39 front wheel was disapearing too early.
Fixed: P-47 compatibility with PhysX.
Fixed: Pe2 compatibility with PhysX.
Fixed: PE-2 Belly Gunner now has its own name to avoid confusion.
Fixed: PE-2 belly gunner now uses ViewCargoLOD instead of GunnerLOD.
Fixed: PE-2 gunners can now look outside their optic.
Fixed: redone PE-2 cargo LOD to allow belly gunner to look outside his optic.

Added: new textures variants for StuG III, SdKfz 251, Panzers V and IV H by Alan!
Added: new textures variants for Opel Blitz, SdKfz 251, Panzer VI B, VI E, IV H by Joarius!
Added: captured T34-76 Tarn 52 variant by Joarius!
Added: 29 rekinned airplanes textures by Lennard!
Added: Tiger camo variants by Lennard!
Added: Flak, FlakVierling, Zis-3 and Panzerschreck winter variants by Lennard!
Added: winter reskin to M4A3 subvariant.
Added: camo selections to Opel radio and Radar trucks.
Added: camo selections to GMC trucks.
Added: camo selections to P47.
Improved: Medic uniform now has insignia selection.
Fixed: Winter SdKfz 7 AA had a summer Flak 38 texture.
Fixed: missing tracks definition in Winter reskins of some tanks.
Fixed: GER ww2_soldier3 hiddenselection.
Fixed: camo hiddenselection on German sniper's viewpilot LOD was missing.
Fixed: Wehrmacht officier cap hiddenselections[] value was missing.
Fixed: DP28 camo selections were faulty.
Fixed: wrong faction definition in some vehicles textureSources classes.
Fixed: U_LIB_SOV_Strelok_2_w uniform naming.
Added: custom displayName for Winter plane variants.
Changed: disable non winter specific crew definitions.
Removed: textures provided by Lennard without according license for commerical use.

Changed: renamed p3d with duplicate name (important for terrain builder/binarization).
Changed: tagged ammo class variants of R_BM13* to LIB_R_BM13*.
Improved: ammo inheritance.
Improved: airLock definitions by inheritance.
Improved: inheritance by introducing LIB_Bullet_base ammo layer.
Improved: inheritance by introducing LIB_GrenadeHand_base ammo layer.
Improved: inheritance by introducing LIB_SmokeShell_base ammo layer.
Improved: inheritance by introducing LIB_Grenade_base ammo layer.
Improved: inheritance of LIB_US_GMC_Base.
Changed: inheritance of target classes.
Changed: improved inheritance of rocket launcher ammo from RocketBase to LIB_Rocket_base.
Changed: custom parameter naming from isflak to LIB_isFlak.
Changed: custom parameter naming from isLIB_Mine to LIB_isMine.
Changed: custom parameter naming from type_of to LIB_typeOfMine.
Changed: bullet ammo class naming of LIB_7_92x57_Ball to LIB_B_792x57_Ball_MG34 and LIB_7_62x54_Ball to LIB_B_762x54_Ball_DT.
Changed: removed obsolete U_LIB_GER_BasicBody_base layer.
Changed: removed obsolete U_LIB_DAK_BasicBody_base layer.
Removed: winter vests.
Removed: obsolete German winter infantry classes.
Removed: obsolete Winter classes.
Removed: faulty winter uniform made from base class.

Tech details
Improved: code loading order.
Fixed: faulty load order of infantry and gear configs.
Updated: ammo[], units[], weapons[] and magazines[] in cfgPatches.
Updated: requiredAddons to reflect crew-vehicle dependencies.
Fixed: scope of base class.
Fixed: missing scope setting.
Removed: obsolete scopeCurator definition.
Improved: US 3D Models clean-up prior to North Africa Update.
Removed: 8 duplicated uniforms.
Removed: 3 duplicated helmets.
Added: 6 new helmet variants.
Changed: new helmets filenames are: WW2_lodu_us_helmet_cs.p3d, WW2_lodu_us_helmet_ns.p3d, WW2_lodu_us_helmet_os.p3d, WW2_lodu_us_helmet2_cs.p3d, WW2_lodu_us_helmet2_ns.p3d, WW2_lodu_us_helmet2_os.p3d.
Changed: new US uniforms filenames are: WW2_lodu_us_uniform.p3d (all US uniforms) WW2_lodu_us_uniform_medic.p3d (medic only).
Removed: obsolete US model variants.
Changed: moved vehicle reskins to its dedicated vehicle configs.
Changed: moved vehicle based cfgGroups definitions to correct container.
Changed: moved non terrains_m EditorPreviews images to correct container.
Changed: moved Pak40 sights textures to dedicated container.
Changed: moved StuG sights textures to dedicate container.
Changed: moved sights textures to dedicated container.
Changed: moved CfgFactionClasses definitions to one config.
Removed: deprecated Sherman optics.
Removed: deprecated winter textures.
Changed: merged all remaining Winter reskin definitions into the extra configs.
Fixed: cleaned up Russian assets and units in winter config.
Fixed: cleaned up German assets and units in winter config.
Fixed: missing face on Tiger camo_2 selection.
Fixed: vrtule staticka was not defined in some LODs.
Fixed: Strange convex component:geometry/geometryPhys in P-47.
Fixed: U_LIB_GER_Soldier3_w was configuration was bad.
Removed: camo selection from shadow LOD.
Fixed: LIB_StuG_III_G_WS's L/RTrack_destruct - unknown animation source HitL/RTrack.
Added: Refactored GMC Trucks sources.
Improved: GMC Truck inheritance and compatibility with PhysX.
Improved: Made GMC Truck's config independant from US6.
Improved: trucks model.cfg cleanup.
Removed: P47 shadow lod as it was broken.
Changed: Planes model.cfg structure and inheritance.
Fixed: PE-2 model.cfg inheritance issues.
Changed: planes propellers model.cfg inheritance.
Fixed: planes instruments animation inheritance.
Fixed: LIB_BR365_AP to LIB_BR365_AP139 class name change applied everywhere.
Removed: obsolete scopeCurator=2 and scopeArsenal=2 where scope=2 already.
Changed: class naming of new Civilian assets (fixed missing tags).

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Pack d'addons : Changelog

Post by El Tyranos » Wed 14 Dec 2016 10:42

~ ACE 3.8.3
ADDED: Add some Japanse translations (#4710)

Update SMG_02 base class for 1.66 (#4718 )
AdvFatigue - Remove setVar when removing eh (#4722)

IMPROVED: Replace left-over ACE3 waitAndExecute with CBA_fnc_waitAndExecute (#4709)

Fix possible script error when ammo is empty when using advanced throwing (#4743)
Fix error when using self interact without a mine detector (#4742, #4741)
Fix blood drop selection if blood loss is high (#4740 , #4739)

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Pack d'addons : Changelog

Post by El Tyranos » Sat 24 Dec 2016 17:50

~ IFA3 Lite v15
Added: iron sighted M1903A4 Springfield.
Added: scarfs by Lennard!
Added: US Tank crew uniform is back.
Added: T34/85 3D Cupola.
Added: T34/76 3D Cupola.
Added: StuGIII 3D Cupola.
Added: Pz.VIE 3D Cupola.
Added: Pz.VIB 3D Cupola.
Added: Pz.V 3D Cupola.
Added: Pz.IVH 3D Cupola.
Added: JS2 3D Cupola.
Added: Sherman gun vertical gyrostabilizer.
Added: US Winter faction.
Updated: bolting system to new implementation by reyhard! (works now also for non IFA3 infantry classes)

Changed: renable camera shake effect when firing plane guns.
Added: LIB_RandomizeHeadgear setup.
Added: random helmet for US units.

Changed: made clothing wearable by all sides.
Fixed: more overloaded infantry classes.
Improved: semi automatic weapons sight does not come back on origin after each shot anymore.
Improved: semi automatic weapons can't empty their magazines faster than light anymore.
Improved: tanks turrets' horizontal speed now use their real life values.

Added: winter covered US helmet.
Changed: re-enabled US winter groups.
Improved: Mortars geometry LOD.
Removed: M1903A4 Springfield front sight.
Fixed: US tank crew hand weighting.
Fixed: US Pilot - missing texture - model clean up.
Fixed: JU87 PiP.
Fixed: GMC and P47 shadow LODs.
Fixed: Panzer IV outside gunner zoom view had the sight graticule superimposed on it.
Fixed: Sherman episcopes were too shaded.
Fixed: accessories were painted on T34's Tarn 52 texture.
Fixed: Strange convex component257 in ww2\assets_m\vehicles\wheeledapc_m\ww2_m3a1_halftrack.p3d:geometryFire
Fixed: Flakvierling immortal gunner bug.

Added: camo selection to Zeltbahn model.
Changed: US Tank helmet uses Camo and Camo1 hiddenselections.
Changed: US Pilot helmet uses Camo and Camo1 hiddenselections.
Fixed: missing shoulders "camo2" selection for WW2_Osoldier.p3d

Fixed: removed outdated tank gun sounds.
Changed: reenabled custom ammo sounds.

Fixed: removed loaders from tanks as they spawned outside their tank in Eden (Pz.IV H, JS-2, T-34/76 still show this issue with machinegunner for unknown reason).
Removed: faulty author assignment.

Fixed: missing LIB tag for rifle grenade classes.
Improved: random headgear implementation (read LIB_RandomizeHeadgear from the unit class now).
Improved: Eventhandler implentation to be compatible with 3rd party EH definitions.
Changed: renamed terrain object p3ds with duplicate name.
Changed: tag custom group icon and marker classes with LIB.
Changed: inheritance to flat for remaining tank guns.

Tech details
Updated: ammo[], magazines[], weapons[] in cfgPatches.
Removed: obsolete classes from LastLoaded.
Removed: obsolete classes from preloadAddons.
Improved: backwards compatibility.
Changed: split Weapons_a3 subcontainer to Recoil_c and Effects_c containers.
Changed: moved obsolete cfgPatches classes to compatibility container.
Changed: moved LIB_WeaponParameters to cfgWeapons and its own dedicated container.
Changed: moved LIB_ShellParameters to cfgAmmo and its own dedicated container.
Changed: inheritance of tank guns.
Improved: inheritance (scope, nameSound, ballisticsComputer, class GunParticles).
Changed: moved and renamed WW2_Assets_c_Weapons_Misc_c_Weapons to WW2_Assets_c_Weapons_InfantryWeapons_c.
Changed: moved CfgCloudlets code to separate Effects_c container.
Changed: weapon inheritance.
Changed: moved LIB_MagazineParameters to cfgMagazines and its own dedicated container.
Changed: moved LIB_WeaponConfig to CfgWeapons and its own dedicated container.
Changed: moved ProxyWeapon definition of planes to one container.
Changed: moved vehicle parts classes to separate container.
Changed: moved tank destruct tower classes to Tanks_c container.
Changed: moved remaining EHs to Core_c/Eventhandlers.
Fixed: M1903A3 Springfield naming and classname.
Added: totally black core texture.
Removed: leading slash in path for playSound3D compatibility.
Fixed: scripting error from the LIB_WeaponParameters merge into cfgWeapons.
Removed: obsolete script.
Fixed: faulty path.
Fixed: faulty string.
Fixed: condition to work merged LIB root class.
Fixed: Tanks turrets' rotation speed formula was incorrect.
Fixed: inheritance errors, cleaned up some more.
Changed: tidied up and cleaned up the weapon inheritances in Megagoth's configs.
Removed: code from outdated AWAR bolting system.
Fixed: tagg property 'lodnoshadow ' = '1' contains spaces.
Fixed: property 'lodnoshadow ' = '0' contains spaces.

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Pack d'addons : Changelog

Post by El Tyranos » Fri 30 Dec 2016 17:50

~ IFA3 V15.1
~ Added: FFV and windshield animation for Willys Jeep.
~ Updated: maxHorizontalRotSpeed to more realistic configuration thanks to Rowdy!
~ Fixed: shadow lod issue on german soldier_camo5.
~ Fixed: obsolete flags removed/trailing spaces in named property.
~ Fixed: invincible M3 Half Track gunner.
~ Fixed: faulty class= tag in the header (Structures/Buildings2_m/WW2_DLC1_Apteka_ruins.p3d).
~ Changed: duplicate p3d name to unique name (Structures/Trenches_m/WW2_StasoGrass.p3d to WW2_StasoGrass2.p3d).
~ Removed: obsolete faulty damageResistance value for Pz IV H.
~ Removed: obsolete damageResistance value.

~ Project OPFOR v2.2
- Added Boko Haram faction
- Added Irish Conflict sides (UVF and IRA factions)
- Added Iraqi Special Operations Forces
- Added Islamic State faction to OPFOR
- Added Middle Eastern faction to OPFOR (uses civilian clothes)
- Added African Militia faction to OPFOR
- Added Kurdish Peshmerga faction to INDE
- Added New textures for middle eastern insurgents and civilians
- Added New uniform textures for Islamic State
- Added Chechen civilian textures (thanks to Stagler)
- Added Missing citizen model (thanks to reyhard)
- Added Random civilian unit for Europe/Middle East (thanks to reyhard)
- Added Faction names stringables (thanks to Basher)
- Added Extra tanks for factions (thanks to Damian90)
- Added M1117 Guardian for Afghan National Army
- Added Various shemags textures for Middle Eastern Militia Factions
- Added Black uniform for Kurdish Peshmerga Forces
- Added Afghan National Police dedicated headgears
- Added Some insignias (YPG, Kurds, ANP, ANA and much more)
- Fixed Zeus compatibility (make sure you choose 'all addons' option in module)
- Fixed Middle east clothes .rvmats
- Fixed ALiVE compatibility for LOP_PESH & configured motorized infantry (thanks to Tupolov, HeroesandvillainsOS and other guys on forum)
- Fixed Baseball hats and glasses on African Factions are now uncommon
- Fixed Some textures were upgrade to our actual standards
- Fixed ZU-23 now has the right gunners
- Fixed Landrover gunner position (thanks to reyhard)
- Fixed Many tweaks to po_vehicles (thanks to reyhard)
- Fixed ASR AI 3 compatibility (added asr_ai_level & camouflage values)
- Fixed BCR Logistics tests for ISIS, Iraq and Afghan Army (need tests)
- Fixed Black smokes removed from all factions
- Changed Language for African Factions
- Changed Splitted IS guerillas into Men (Black) and Men (Combat)
- Changed Replaced Chedakis textures with these from Stagler (big thanks)
- Changed Infantry config structure for all real factions (added scripts for random uniforms and headgears)
- Changed Middle Eastern Militia was deprived of vests
- Changed Scoped out our su-25's (till we get right textures)
- Changed Removed logo on loading screen

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Pack d'addons : Changelog

Post by El Tyranos » Sun 15 Jan 2017 15:35

~ ARES Achilles
Change: Garrison module: Replace searching pattern "House" by "Building" (=> more buildings are available e.g. Tanoa WW2 bunkers).
Change: Moved "Create/Edit intel" module from "spawn" to "scenario flow" category (see #40)
Change: "Destroy Buildings" Module was changed to "Damage Buildings" Module (=more options).
Change: "Patrol" module was changed to "Patrol/Loiter (Heli)" => Loiter waypoint for aircrafts.
Change: Default assigned hotkey to eject passengers has changed from LEFT SHIFT + G to V.
Change: For logged-in admins the "execute code" module is in any case available.
Change: "Bind variable to object" variable is no longer public, but still global.
Change: Postpone initialization of global functions to the point they are needed (like CED version).
Feature: Toggle street lamps module
Feature: Autocollapse Tree (see #26)
Feature: Apex symbol in front of apex objects and warning message.
Feature: CBA settings framework (by @Grezvany13).
Feature: Settings: Helmet & DLC icons for module tree (by @Grezvany13).
Feature: Settings: Zeus vison modes (by @Grezvany13).
Feature: Settings: Set available factions for module tree (especially useful for addons like CUP).
Feature: Settings: Customizable hotkeys.
Feature: Waypoint: Paradrop waypoint.
Feature: Waypoint: Improved fastroping waypoint; ACE3 or Advanced Rappeling (AR) is needed. The latter is used if both are loaded. (Note that ACE3 fastroping does not work properly in MP in contrast to AR)
Feature: Reinforcement Module: Type of waypoint can be selected: Land, fastroping or paradrop.
Feature: JIP option for execute code.
Feature: Module "Change Altitude": Change altitude for aircrafts, divers and submarines (Note: In some cases you have to place a waypoint to get the desired effect!).
Feature: Improve "Add objects to Zeus" module (shorter radius, Filters)
Fix: Non-local surrendered units stuck after release in cetain cases.
Fix: Implement solution similar to CED (see #27).
Fix: Player manned vehicles cannot be edited (see BIS forum)
Fix: Advanced attributes do not work for non-local units (see #38)
Fix: "Garrison building instant" module does not work for non-local units.
Fix: Suppressive fire does not work properly with move waypoints.
Fix: Mines were marked on map (check ACE3 solution?)
Fix: Mortar only fire one shell (see #36)

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Pack d'addons : Changelog

Post by El Tyranos » Tue 17 Jan 2017 16:01

- RHS AFRF 0.4.2 :

- RHS USAF 0.4.2 :

- RHS GREF 0.4.2 :

- RHS SAF 0.4.2 :

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Re: Pack d'addons : Changelog

Post by El Tyranos » Sun 29 Jan 2017 12:04

- I44 Terrains
Supprimés en vue de la sortie dans IFA3.
Vous pouvez supprimer @BG21_I44Terrains

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Re: Pack d'addons : Changelog

Post by El Tyranos » Tue 31 Jan 2017 01:33

Maj 13gb

Version 1.3.0 (30.01.2017)

+ ADDED: scopeCurator = 2 to configs (assets should now be in Zeus)
+ ADDED: CfgMods to cup_terrains_terrains_core/config.cpp
+ ADDED: New Apex menu intros
+ ADDED: Preview videos for main menu
+ ADDED: New picture shots for all terrains
+ ADDED: Eden editor configs for roads, sidewalks, and railways - T1559
+ ADDED: Merged in upgraded JBAD buildings and ported some over to A2 content from A2:OA
+ ADDED: Individual monitor and server models to PC
+ ADDED: The improved JBAD version of general store - T1763
+ ADDED: Ruin models for Mil_Barracks and Mil_Guardhouse
+ ADDED: Rain sound effects for all A2 and A2 DLC bushes and trees
+ ADDED: Rain and other ambient sound effects to a majority of buildings

@ FIXED: Most detailed shadow LOD was missing from Ind_Oil_Tower_EP1.p3d
@ FIXED: Corrupted RVMATs causing errors when unpacking CUP
@ FIXED: Church using CfgCloudlets effect "HouseDestructionSmoke", which doesn't exist in A3. Changed to "HouseDestructionSmoke1" which does exist in A3. - T1572
@ FIXED: Incorrect shadow on Dum_istan2_02.p3d - T1657
@ FIXED: Land_Plot_Ohrada_Pruchozi from being nearly indestructible - T1595
@ FIXED: Misc_palletsfoiled.p3d and Misc_palletsfoiled_heap.p3d being transparent - T1817
@ FIXED: CUP dust effects removing Tanoa effects - T1670
@ FIXED: Errors (trailing spaces) in named selections of various models using dep3d +fx
@ FIXED: Specular lighting on all maps, no more blue sheen on stuff
@ FIXED: Issue with black texture in one of the distance LODs of t_acer2s.p3d
@ FIXED: Majority of the buildings without a material in their fire geometry
@ FIXED: Majority of the buildings that wouldn't allow you to throw a grenade through the window - T1773
@ FIXED: Transparency issues on Ind_IlluminantTower, PowLines_Conc2_EP1, and various fence/wall models
@ FIXED: CUP giving VR world ambient life - T1700
@ FIXED: Issue with shadow LOD of HouseB_Tenement.p3d
@ FIXED: Windows not breaking on Mil_Barracks_i.p3d
@ FIXED: CUP overriding Stratis and Altis EnvSounds
@ FIXED: Issues with workshop and few military buildings where you couldn't throw a grenade through the windows after they were broken

@ IMPROVED: Added materials to fire geometry of hundreds of models
@ IMPROVED: Added a CUP_ prefix to CfgCloudlets entries that we add ourselves (take over from A2) and modified configs of assets using those entries accordingly
@ IMPROVED: Tweaked european lighting (bleaker daytime, better moonlit nights)
@ IMPROVED: Night lighting for all islands
@ IMPROVED: Slightly increased star brightness at desert maps
@ IMPROVED: Most detailed shadow LOD of Misc_palletsfoiled_heap.p3d
@ IMPROVED: Added door sounds for all of structures_e\HouseC, structures_e\HouseK, and structures_e\HouseL
@ IMPROVED: Armor and explosive shielding of nearly all of structures_e
@ IMPROVED: Added geometric occluders to almost all of ca\buildings, ca\buildings2, ca\structures, and ca\structures_e
@ IMPROVED: Added breakable glass windows to ss_hangar, ss_hangard, and mil_hangar_ep1
@ IMPROVED: The geometry of a lot of A1 buildings
@ IMPROVED: Updated majority of A1 vegetation to use A2 shaders
@ IMPROVED: Added CfgEnvSpatialSounds and the new thunder sound to CAWorld
@ IMPROVED: Slightly improved textures on buk trees
@ IMPROVED: Added breakable glass to A_Pub_01.p3d - T1764
@ IMPROVED: Added breakable glass to HouseB_Tenement.p3d - T1765
@ IMPROVED: Added improved Thunder soundset to all terrains (CAWorld)

- REMOVED: Sidewalk6ShortEnd.p3d.bak.p3d
- REMOVED: Wall_IndFnc_9.p3d.bak
Version 1.3.0 (30.01.2017)

@ FIXED: Asfalt parallax on Bystrica and Bukovina
@ FIXED: Missing EnvMaps added to all map configs

^ IMPROVED: Darkened one of the Proving Grounds surface textures (gz_trava_co)
^ IMPROVED: Changed Utes ground texture with grass to fit satellite textures better
^ IMPROVED: Added different kinds of ground clutter for more variety on Utes
Version 1.3.0 (30.01.2017)

@ FIXED: CfgModels errors caused by cup_terrains_cwa_misc/config.cpp - T1547
@ FIXED: cwa_dum_mesto2 had no ruin defined
@ FIXED: "white" textures on Nogova airfields - T1532
@ FIXED: Various geometries missing from doors of cwa_hangar_2.p3d - T1571
@ FIXED: Cold War Rearmed team was not correctly listed as the authors of their respective terrains

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Re: Pack d'addons : Changelog

Post by El Tyranos » Wed 15 Feb 2017 17:11

~ ACE 3.9.0
Add "Muzzle Velocity vs. Temperature Interpolation" and "C1 Ballistic Coefficient vs. Distance Interpolation" and "Truing Drop" to the ATragMX. So that you can calculate more and shoot less, or vice versa (#4639)
Add Japanese translations (#4785)
Add Korean translations (#4794)
Add RH Acc Surefire flashlight map compatibility (#4846)
Add Zeus module for attaching FRIES, but without Ketchup (#4597)
Add Zeus utility modules (#4661)
Add ace_setting for overpressure distance (#4691, #4770)
Add frag definitions for all remaining ammo (#342, #4736)
Add missing orange map chemlight entry (#4839)
Add more Polish translations (#4821)
Add optional "uniforms". Removes side restrictions for vanilla uniforms. Combatant cross-dressing. (#4435)
Add optionals meta.cpp files (#4763)
Add realistic names to civilian Kamaz trucks (#4851)
Add rearm to Vehicle Ammo boxes (#4750)
Add support for rearm vehicle cook off (#4779, #4565)
Add x64 DLLs (#4764, #4765, #4758)

Advanced Ballistics has an improved simulation of transonic flight for even more delightful shooting (#4652)
Advanced Ballistics has increased performance for more pleasant shooting (#4707, #4708)
Change cook off burn rate calculation for more intense initial burn that more decreases with time (should reduce overall cook off length) (#4779)
Change hearing event handlers to player only event handlers (#2627, #4727)
Change overpressure config on 2a70 (used on the bmp-3/bmd-4; it has a very low muzzle velocity) (#4691, #4770)
Change use new private syntax for winddeflection PFH (#4761)
Code cleanups and overhauls of certain modules (#4818, #4813, #4562, #4580)
Decrease concertina "dismount" time (#4812)
Improved readability of the ATragMX's gun list. Sometimes the last part of long gun names were brutally truncated. No more cutting names sho (#4669, #4674)
Sent AI medics back to medical school so they don't fail to perform their duty in some situations (#4797, #4800)
Simplify config crawling in nouniformrestrictions (#4782)
Simplify huntIR configs using += and issue it to RHS' M320 (#4521, #4199)
The "tap shoulder" uses a spiffier non movement blocking animation (#4577, #4578)
The .408 CheyTac has another brother. Say hello to the .408 CheyTac 305gr ammo. (#4667)
The Range card is even more accurate by taking the bore height into account (#4715)
The civilian plane isn't as useless as before, it can now load cargo. A little bit. (#4650)
Update latitude and altitude map data (#4786)
Vastly improved the ACE3 FCS. It doesn't need a compatibility patch anymore. It's perfect on its own now (#4653)
We made the scopes module great again. It doesn't need a compatibility patch as well and it's even more accurate than Arma 3's vanilla zeroing, it's true (#4642)

AI were not properly taught on how to use the Titan or a Javelin (#4856)
Fix AI producing no grenade pin pulling sounds (#4799)
Fix AI thrown flashbangs having no effect (#4799)
Fix Kamaz medical truck being incorrectly set as a repair vehicle (#4850)
Fix ace_particles smoke on arty shells (#4766, #4768)
Fix deprecated AW159 and CH-47I config (#4726)
Fix fastrope options don't show up on ACE interaction sometimes (#4819)
Fix global execution of ammo crate cook off code (#4799)
Fix miscellaneous typos (#4854, #4824, #4816)
Fix missing refuel menu on static fuel station (#4533)
Fix rhs gl smoke causing frag (#4691, #4770)
Fix script error caused by new arguments passed to handleDamage (#4866, #4863)
Fixed AI being too fast with locking and shooting Javelins. We had a talk about how not to cheat or at least how to hide it better (#2686)
Fixed Laser codes not properly updating when turned on. Before it would have no effect until turning it off and on again.(#4677)
Fixed a glitch where Javalins wouldn't be able to lock a target after switching launchers or changing fire modes, total losers (#4625)
Fixed clackers not being usable by other players, sharing is caring (#4687)
Fixed minor issues with scopes, too minor to mention (#4681)
Fixed the range of the dead man's switch "detonate all" feature from unlimited to limited, which seems bad, but it's good (#4688)
Fixed the realistic name of the HK416. Bigger is better, right? right? (#4873)
Fixed various issues with the ATragMX, like dividing through 0. The ATragMX was brought up better than this (#4682)
Some stances shouldn't drain or not drain your precious stamina as they wrongly did. Fingers crossed (#4591)
Tactical Ladder, wasn't tactical enough and threw a script error (#4814, #4815)
The Kestrel 4500 can now be used without having Advanced Ballistics enabled. But why would you? (#4544)

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Re: Pack d'addons : Changelog

Post by El Tyranos » Mon 20 Feb 2017 00:24

~ 2.5gb

Renommez @IFA3LITE en @IFA3_LITE avant de procéder à la MAJ (si vous ne l'avez pas fait, supprimez @IFA3LITE à posteriori)

~ IFA3 v16 ... 2017-02-19

Changed: dropped duplicate data in favor of a CUP Terrains Core dependency.
Updated: terrain lighting thanks to metalcraze.
Changed: some terrain lighting parameters to make them less bright thanks to Taro.
Added: Kfz1 FFV.
Added: MG42 Kfz1 FFV.
Added: winter US version of M4A3 Sherman by Lennard.
Added: new US Tank crew variant + refactored original texture by Lennard.
Added: DAK Spg uniforms by Lennard.
Added: feldgrau Granatwerfer 34 texture.
Changed: improved vegetation to A3 standards.
Changed: improved terrain surface configuration.
Changed: made vegetation, additional craters, buildings, objects and ponton bridges available in the Editor.
Changed: made ponds and roads available for MapBuilder and X-Cam.
Added: EditorPreview images to most remaining assets.
Fixed: undesired clothing randomization for third party infantry.
Added: some more HideFromEditor optional pbos (CUP Core content, A3 terrain objects, etc).

~I44 Terrains v16

Added: custom terrain lighting thanks to metalcraze!
Changed: improved terrain lighting thanks to Taro!
Updated: i44World configuration to APEX/Tanoa standards.
Updated: surface configuration to A3 standards.
Updated: environment sound configuration to APEX/Tanoa standards.
Updated: rebuilt terrains with TB, and SAT-MASK to A3 standards.
Updated: vegetation models to A3 standards.
Added: all terrain objects (buildings, objects, vegetation) to the editor.
Changed: redone data structure completely akin to better standards.
Changed: replaced duplicate A1/A2 data in favor of CUP Core.
Changed: improved a couple of model assets.

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Re: Repository changelog

Post by El Tyranos » Wed 22 Feb 2017 02:56

 ! Message from: El Tyranos
Changelog is now visible to public to allow a better anticipation to public games players.

Size : 4.8gb
Updated repositories : Cold War Open Games ; Mainbuild v4

~ RHS AFRF 4.2.1
► Show Spoiler
~ RHS GREF 4.2.1
► Show Spoiler
~ RHS SAF 4.2.1
► Show Spoiler
~ RHS USAF 4.2.1
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Re: Repository changelog

Post by El Tyranos » Sat 25 Feb 2017 13:54

Size : ~4mb
Updated repositories : All

ADDED: Custom chat commands (#507) commy2
ADDED: MRT Accessory Functions (#513, #555) robalo
ADDED: Function for tracking projectiles (#534) bux
ADDED: CBA_fnc_insert (#542) 654wak654
ADDED: Japanese translation (#544) classicarma
ADDED: Updated Joint Rails for 1.66 weapons and attachments (#552) robalo
ADDED: Optional timeout parameter for CBA_fnc_waitUntilAndExecute (#560) 654wak654
ADDED: XEH support for new 1.66 eventhandlers (#575) commy2
ADDED: "CBA_attachmentSwitched" event (#582) PabstMirror
ADDED: CBA_fnc_hashKeys (#590, #591) dedmen commy2
OPTIMIZED: CBA settings use hidden Eden category (#540) BaerMitUmlaut
OPTIMIZED: Use new entities syntax for XEH (#548) dedmen
OPTIMIZED: An if statement in state machine (#550) jameslkingsley
OPTIMIZED: CBA_fnc_formatNumber using new toFixed command (#562) PabstMirror
OPTIMIZED: CBA player eventhandlers using new engine events (#574, #595) commy2 PabstMirror
OPTIMIZED: Substitude functions to reduce eventhandler recompile times (#588, #593) commy2
OPTIMIZED: CBA_fnc_reject (#589) dedmen
FIXED: CBA_fnc_nearPlayer doesn't ignore headless client logics (#545) Cuel
FIXED: AI lowering and raising weapon repeatedly (#551, #570) SilentSpike
FIXED: Keybinding tooltip position wrong (#556) PabstMirror
FIXED: Script error on headless clients (#557, #558) shukari, commy2
FIXED: XEH preInit doesn't run when switching terrain in Eden (#563) PabstMirror
FIXED: RETNIL and RETDEF in scheduled env. (#566, #576, #577) Dorbedo commy2 PabstMirror
FIXED: XEH initPost running twice (#567, #578) SilentSpike PabstMirror
FIXED: Problems with CBA task modules (#571) SilentSpike
FIXED: Patrol pattern of CBA_fnc_taskPatrol (#572) SilentSpike
FIXED: CBA_fnc_getArea broken with area arrays (#579) PabstMirror
FIXED: Keybindings using Shift, Ctrl, or Alt (#583) PabstMirror
FIXED: CBA_fnc_getPos doesn't copy position array (#584, #586) highhead commy2
FIXED: CBA_fnc_randPos working not as expected (#587) commy2
FIXED: seatSwitchedMan event will not be overridden correctly (#592) commy2
FIXED: A function header (#594) commy2


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